Enliven Bed and Breakfast

designed for the chemically sensitive



Please read!

 By reserving a room you agree to our policies. 

Enliven is a chemical-free, scent-free, mold-free B&B.

This means you, too, must be chemical-free, scent-free and mold-free.

Enliven is NOT allergen-free. There is a dog on the premises; he is not allowed in the guest areas but those with allergies will be better served elsewhere.

Our policies regarding scent and mold are very strict to keep this environment safe for our guests. 

If you arrive scented you will not be able to stay and will lose the entire cost of your stay unless we are able to rebook your reservation. If we are able to rebook, we will refund the amount we have been able to recoup.

If you or your belongings have a discernible mold issue, you will not be able to stay until you and your belongings are mold free. If you are not able to remediate the mold issue, you will lose the entire cost of your stay unless we are able to rebook your reservation. Please note clothing with a suspected mold issue cannot be washed in Enliven's machines.

Enliven requires an enormous amount of work to maintain its healthy state. Please respect it and report any issues immediately. 

About the house

Enliven is a completely smoke-free environment. No smoking of any kind is allowed.

Enliven is a quiet, contemplative environment. No children under 5, please.

Check-in is 4 p.m. Check-out is 11 a.m.
Early check-in or late check-out may be possible but only with prior notice.

Quiet Hours are from 10 pm to 7 am.


Rates are per room, per night, single occupancy unless otherwise noted. Rates are quoted in USD; all applicable taxes and fees are included in the total billed.


A non-refundable deposit of half your total stay is charged at time of booking.

The balance of your room charges are charged automatically to the credit card on file upon arrival. If you wish to make other payment arrangements please let us know on arrival. 

Incidentals (laundry, grocery store runs, etc.) are charged when incurred or at the end of your stay.

A minimum $250 cleaning fee will be charged to your credit card on file if there are policy violations that require cleaning above and beyond the standard 5 hour deep cleaning we do between guests.

If your room is damaged in any way or policy violations prevent us from being able to rent the room for more than one day after your stay, you will be charged the daily room rate until the room is again viable to rent.

Please contact us for clarification of any of our terms, conditions, policies, cleaning practices, etc. All work together to help keep Enliven safe and healthy for all. :)




Enliven is a small B&B serving a very specific market, so cancellations are a big deal.

By reserving a room you agree to our policies. Make sure you understand and are in agreement with all policies before scheduling. Please call or email if you have any questions. 

Your deposit is non-refundable, a commitment on your part to reserve a coveted space on Enliven's calendar, met by a commitment on our part to provide you with the room you have reserved.


To cancel a reservation, please call us at 425-481-4819.