Enliven Bed and Breakfast

Designed for the Chemically Sensitive

Welcome to Enliven

A peaceful refuge from the stressors of modern life

Enliven seeks to provide a safe, non-toxic, healthy, fragrance-free, chemical-free and low EMF environment to environmentally sensitive guests.

Enliven is a sanctuary for sensitive people, especially those on the healing journey. It's not just about the chemical-free organic nature of it all, although that in itself is huge in this age of chemical everything. But there is something more, an energy at Enliven that is warm and calming and feeds the spirit. 

Entry, Enliven Bed and Breakfast (stairs to house; all bedrooms on second floor.) Erin's Room, queen bed, organic cotton bedding, organic chemical-free mattress and pillows heated tile floors Erin's Room, queen bed, heated tile floors, organic cotton bedding, organic chemical-free mattress and pillows Living Room, heated tile floors
Suite Mama Blue, king size bed, organic chemical-free mattress, organic cotton bedding Music Room, wool carpet, lounge area, FIOS wired TV, Ethernet access, desk area Bathroom, Suite Mama Blue double sinks, deep soaking tub, large shower, heated tile floors, fragrance-free toiletries, organic cotton towels Beds made up as twins, All Together Suite. Can also be made up as an additional King, heated tile floors, organic chemical-free mattresses, organic cotton bedding.

Why Stay at Enliven?

Because Your Health Matters.

If you've landed here, it's likely you're as concerned about the chemical exposure you encounter in daily life as I am. Growing up, I assumed there were agencies that made sure chemicals my family and I came in contact with were safe, but the sad truth is there is very little regulation of the chemical industry. The burden of proving a chemical is harmful lies on us, the consumer. And even then, what's studied is usually limited to one isolated chemical, ignoring the fact we are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of chemicals in daily life. For those that don't detox well genetically (raising my hand! you?) then our chemical exposure becomes a horrific burden that can seriously tank our health.  

Creating a truly healthy environment is what Enliven is all about. It's why I work so hard to provide a chemical-free environment. It's why I clean and dry everything daily, so mold does not have a chance to grow. It's why I invest heavily in maintenance, working to catch potential issues and address them before they develop. It's why the beds you sleep on are not only made with organic cotton, everything down to the thread is organic–and all mattress components are treated with ozone before the manufacturing process even begins, to make sure they are free of molds and other contaminants.

Your health matters. And you matter to me. 

My greatest hope and prayer is that I’ve created a place that will feel like home to you. That you will rest easy here, that everything that’s gone into Enliven will nurture you and assist in some small way with your own healing journey.

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Enliven is 15 minutes from Sophia Health Institute and 20 minutes from Holistic Healing Arts.

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