Enliven Bed and Breakfast

designed for the chemically sensitive

About Us

About Us

Our Intentions

Enliven seeks to provide a supportive, nurturing, nourishing and comfortable chemical-and-scent-free environment for people traveling to the greater Seattle area. Many with MCS and/or chronic illnesses encounter environmental stressors when they venture outside their controlled home environment, which can make staying in a traditional hotel challenging, unhealthy, uncomfortable and even life threatening. Enliven seeks to provide an environment free from many of those stressors, providing a ‘green’, organic, chemical and scent free environment.

We also seek to live up to our name’s definition: “to bring or restore to life; to invigorate physically or spiritually; to make lively or cheerful; to relieve the monotony of; to brighten.”

Please note: since chemical sensitivities differ widely, it may be that despite all we’ve done Enliven may not work for you. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Email inquiries may be made to teresa@enlivenbnb.com.

When you come to stay, you may see Puppy Jack. Although Jack hangs in Teresa’s private quarters or in his backyard domain, he loves to say hello.

Photo taken in Leysin, Switzerland by Lizzie Fellars.

About Your Host

It’s believed Enliven owner Teresa Luttrell was originally infected with Borrelia Burgdorferi in 1975. The undiagnosed bacterial infection suppressed her immune system and opened the door to numerous co-infections. Diagnosed in 2006, she traveled extensively in search of healing, including a year spent in Switzerland. Intuition guided her towards alternative forms of treatment which have been successful in healing a challenging and complicated disease.

In addition to Enliven, Teresa serves at Sophia Health Institute as New Patient Coordinator. She also offers online support to people experiencing a dark night of the soul, having grown through a catastrophic loss herself.

A firm believer in the body’s ability to heal itself, Teresa feels this ability is enhanced when balance is regained not only physically but also environmentally, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Now 95% recovered, she has turned her empty nest into a sanctuary for others.