Enliven Bed and Breakfast

Our Beds Are Organic, Chemical-Free and FABULOUS.


Erin's Room>

Erin's Room features a queen bed, American Clay on the walls, 30 year old Ethan Allen furniture, an antique reading chair (beloved of our family for generations--both my mom and I both grew up reading in that chair!) and heated porcelain tile floors. Your private bath is in the hall. Prices on our reservation engine are single occupancy; add $30 for an additional guest. 

And -- if you love our mattresses, sheets, pillows, comforters, woolie mattress toppers and more, you can now order your own through our store! We love to help guests recreate the Enliven experience at home. 


  • OMI organic cotton and wool mattresses (Erin's Room)
  • Heated porcelain tile floors (Erin's Room, bath)
  • 100% organic cotton linens and towels
  • Private bath in hall
  • Ironing board and iron
  • 100% organic cotton spa robes
  • Filtered water and air
  • Epsom salts for soaking
  • Hot water bottle
  • Fragrance-free/scent-free toiletries
  • Low EMF
  • Most recent ERMI score: -1.
  • Most recent HERTSMI 2 score: 0

Discounts available for patients of select clinics; please call (425) 481-4819 for details. 

If you are considering staying at Enliven for the first time, we strongly encourage you to call us first to make sure what we do is a good fit for you. 

IMPORTANT!! Please review Enliven's policies before booking. 

A model for other B&Bs

"What Teresa has created here should be a model for other B&Bs around the country. This is a place to TRULY get away from it all - meaning our harsh environment. I felt like a new person after staying here - Teresa doesn't use chemicals, fragrances or pesticides, creating a clean, refreshing and healing space. There's no WiFi so very little electric smog - this truly gives the body a break from our modern world. Even the sheets are organic. I loved falling asleep in my huge comfy bed, feeling fresh air coming in the window and listening to the wind chimes outside. Teresa has truly thought of every detail and she makes the best gluten-free breakfasts...I'm already planning a return visit." K, Trip Advisor Review

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