We take Enliven’s chemical-free environment seriously–and you do, too


What if I am not a purist?

If you have been mostly fragrance/scent-free but still dabble in scent, there’s still hope for staying here as long as you follow our DOs and DON’Ts. 🙂 

To start, here’s our list of DON’TS (everyone likes to get the bad news out of the way first, right?!)

•   Don’t bring any type of fragranced or scented item into Enliven.

•   Don’t bring perfume or cologne.

•   Don’t bring fragranced shaving products, makeup, deodorants, hair products, etc.

•   Don’t bring essential oils.

•   Don’t bring fragranced medications. This can include hormone creams or other medications in cream form.

•   Don’t bring clothing that has been washed in fragranced detergents or washed in natural but scented laundry detergent.

•   Don’t bring clothing washed with fabric softeners or dried with dryer sheets.

•   Don’t bring a coat, purse, footwear, makeup/toiletries bag or suitcase previously used when fragranced.

•   Don’t wash your fragrance-free purchases if your washing machine and dryer have been used with fragranced detergents, softeners or dryer sheets.

And now for the DOs!

•   DO Stop using perfume and fragranced products at least four weeks before arrival.

•   DO Purchase new clothing, purse, footwear, and/or suitcase from a store that does not spritz items with fragrance (i.e. not a major store at a mall.)

•   If ordering new clothing online, DO make sure they do not scent their clothing or store items layered with dryer sheets (this is a common practice, as dryer sheets kill insects!)

•   DO triple-bag non-fragranced clothing in thick plastic bags that do not smell like plastic. (Costco’s clear 33 gallon bags work well.) Close bags tightly to prevent cross-contamination.

•   DO make sure all items are completely dry before sealing bags.

•   DO Pack purchased non-fragranced clothing, footwear, coat, fragrance-free toiletries, etc. in fragrance-free suitcase.

•   DO triple-bag suitcase and tie securely if not immediately flying.

Travel is a smelly business! Please do the following upon arrival to make sure those smells are left behind and not deposited on Enliven’s sheets. 

•   Shower with fragrance-free products. Wash your hair repeatedly and scrub your skin to remove fragrance residue.

•   Bag the clothes you wore on the plane.

•   Wear only fragrance-free clothing during your stay.

•   Use fragrance-free products during your stay. Whole Foods carries fragrance-free items (365 brand). Fragrance-free products can also be ordered from Amazon. You will need:

•   fragrance-free deodorant

•   fragrance-free lotion

•   fragrance-free shampoo (provided for guests)

•   fragrance-free conditioner (provided for guests)

•   fragrance-free styling products

•   fragrance-free makeup

•   fragrance-free face wash

•   fragrance-free body wash (provided for guests)

•   fragrance-free shaving products

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