We take Enliven’s chemical-free environment seriously–and you do, too


What it’s like to live fragrance-free


You never buy anything anymore because you love the way it makes you smell.

You are aware of the health dangers of fragranced products, which are known to be neurotoxic, carcinogenic and endocrine disruptors. 

You look for products with the fewest ingredients possible.

You don’t use “unscented” products because you know they often contain masking fragrance, which contains chemicals that can also be bad for you. 

You are extremely careful when choosing naturally scented products because you know even natural scents can cause harm since essential oils are often chemically extracted. You also understand that anything that has a scent that lingers for longer than an hour isn’t likely as natural as they want you to believe. 

All of your hair care, body care, makeup, deodorants, shaving products and styling products are fragrance free and without chemically adulterated essential oils. 

You wash clothing with a free and clear detergent or simple soap base without essential oils. You never use commercial fabric softeners or dryer sheets. 

You research safe options when buying something new.

You clean with non-toxic products, and do not use any products to make things smell better. You know that things that are actually clean smell great, and don’t need a fragrance to disguise anything. Surfactants leave residue, a film that covers the surface and can often harbor odors, bacteria and feed biofilm. Clean surfaces are not covered by film of any kind. 

You know that you don’t have to be touched for fragrance to transfer to your skin, hair and/or clothing. 

You know exposures often happen when well-meaning people don’t understand how toxic fragrance is for you.

You know your need for a fragrance-free environment will often be met by the argument that the dangerous fragrance/scent is ‘not that bad’. Or, you come across people that insist they are ‘the most sensitive people on the planet’ and that if something works for them, it must work for you.

It does not.

And you know it’s likely you will pay the toll for exposures with symptoms and/or damage that lasts far beyond the moment of exposure — for days, weeks, months, and sometimes years. 

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